Linking Alumni and University


The HKUST Convocation was established in November 2010. It seeks to reflect the thoughts and ideas of HKUST management and present to alumni a clearer picture of the University’s development. It contributes by

  • offering help and ideas to HKUST
  • promoting good relations between HKUST and the general public
  • contributing to fundraising efforts
  • promoting HKUST objectives and activities
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All degree graduates of HKUST are members of the Convocation, which is administered by a ten-person Standing Committee, elected by alumni. They meet regularly among themselves, and with senior management and students to foster tighter communications among all HKUST stakeholders.

The Chairman of the Convocation’s Standing Committee, elected by its members, sits on the University Council as a representative of alumni, takes part in important HKUST occasions and sits on various committees including the Campus Development Committee.

Election Results of the 6th Standing Committee of HKUST Convocation 2021-2023

Announcement of Nominations And Election Details of the 6th Standing Committee of the HKUST Convocation

Election of the 6th Convocation Standing Committee 2021-2023

Convocation Event Photos

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