Getting Involved!

An active alumni community depends on your involvement.  Over the years, a number of alumni groups have been formed that strengthen bonds between HKUST and HKUST alumni, both locally and internationally.  Check out what's available, get involved and be inspired! 

At HKUST, there is an extensive list of alumni groups, including Mainland & Overseas alumni chapters, department and program focused, as well as a number of special-interest and sports alumni groups. All of these groups maintain close contact and work in close cooperation with HKUST in fostering alumni relations and university advancement. 

If you wish to be in touch with one of the alumni groups or want to get involved as a volunteer, please contact us at


HKUST Alumni Association


The HKUST Alumni Association provides a platform for enthusiastic alumni to support HKUST and contribute to the alumni community. They organize a wide range of events, from regular meet-ups to professional events that will enable you to broaden your personal and career networks. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute to society by participating in community services and volunteering. 


What Peaks Your Interests? Want to meet like-minded people in the HKUST community?

Many exciting events and services are offered by our thriving networks of program- or interest-based alumni groups. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in an exciting mix of social, cultural, athletic, recreational and networking events held throughout the year. Join and stay connected!          

FAQs on Alumni Groups/Reunion/Events

HKUSTAA is run by a group of enthusiastic alumni on a voluntary basis. Although it is an independent body of HKUST, HKUSTAA works closely with the Development and Alumni Office (DAO) to foster closer relations among alumni through a variety of networking, professional and caring programs.

All alumni, full-time students and staff members of HKUST are welcome to join HKUSTAA. The types of memberships and respective membership fee are as follows:

Full Member (Life Member)*


Associate Member (Full-time student of HKUST)


Associate Member (Full-time staff member of HKUST)


*Apply for Life Membership on or before 31 December of your year of graduation to enjoy a special membership fee of just HK$1,000!

More details on HKUSTAA

DAO welcomes alumni to form alumni associations/groups based on their academic discipline or interest. Presently, there are over 40 alumni associations/groups. Usually, the first step is to bring together a group of interested alumni.
Once your group is established, DAO may offer a email address and/or web hosting under to facilitate communication within the association/group.

Email to get more details.

Presently alumni networks have been established in a number of cities/countries around the world. Please view the list of networks from above.

As our alumni community keeps on expanding, we are in need of your support to tighten the bonds among our alumni in the mainland and overseas. If you are interested in becoming an anchor or forming a network in your neighborhood, please write to us at

For events and activities organized by DAO, invitations are usually sent to target alumni by email. Please make sure you have got a valid @connect or @alumni email.

Alumni can also check out forthcoming events, including those organized by alumni associations, at:

DAO can help alumni groups/associations/chapters promote their events by reaching target alumni through our database, where appropriate. We can also broadcast them on our social media platforms including FacebookLinkedInInstagramWeChat etc. and on our website.

We also welcome overseas alumni to organize reunions in their neighborhood. If you need any help or have any ideas, please write to us at

Once you graduate from a HKUST degree program and your graduation status is officially confirmed by the Academic Registry Office (ARO), you automatically become a member of our alumni body. No membership is required!

However, some of the alumni associations/groups that have been voluntarily established by alumni and which are independent from HKUST, do charge membership fees.

Yes. Alumni get get an Alum eCard through our alumni app. You can enjoy the special discounts exclusive to HKUST alumni by present the eCard. However, some alumni privileges and campus facilities require your alumni ID, that is your @connect or @alumni email account, BOC HKUST Alumni Credit Card, or HKUST Alumni Association (HKUSTAA) Membership Card to prove your alumni identity.

More details on alumni services and benefits

Former exchange-in student can keep his/her @connect account after studying at HKUST. 

Presently, all other alumni services and benefits are only offered to HKUST degree graduates whose graduation status is officially confirmed by the Academic Registry Office (ARO).

However, we welcome our former exchange-in students to join some of our overseas gatherings. Keep abreast of forthcoming events via our FacebookLinkedInInstagram and WeChat.