Action Required - OneDrive Storage Update for HKUST Alumni

Kindly be informed of an upcoming change affecting the free storage space provided by Microsoft's OneDrive service for all HKUST Alumni accounts.

Change in OneDrive Storage Space

Effective from February 1, 2024, Microsoft will be implementing a significant update to their storage policies. As part of this update, the existing OneDrive storage space will expire, and a new maximum storage limit of 100GB will be enforced for all users, including HKUST alumni accounts.

Action Required

Alumni users are advised to review your OneDrive storage usage.

For alumni with storage>100G: Since your current storage exceeds 100G, please take the necessary steps to delete and archive your files to an alternate location, such as a local drive, a USB drive, or any other suitable storage option before January 31, 2024. This will ensure that you remain within the storage limit and maintain access to your important files. We understand that this may require some time and effort on your part, particularly if you have a significant amount of data stored on OneDrive. However, taking proactive measures now will help prevent any issues or loss of data in the future. Please note that failure to take action by January 31, 2024, may result in exceeding the new storage limit. In such cases, users will only be able to view files without the ability to edit until the total files have been reduced to a size of 100GB or below.

For alumni with storage<=100G: Since your current storage does not exceed 100G, your access to OneDrive will not be affected meanwhile. However, you may wish to review your storage and delete unused files from time to time to release some storage for future usage.

For more information on the latest policies and advice on alternate storage options, please refer to the MICROSOFT 365 ONEDRIVE STORAGE CHANGE NOTICE. In case you have forgotten your login details for your alumni account, please Retrieve your username or use the Forgot password function.

Please contact the Information Technology Services Center (ITSC) at +852 2358 6200 / for any further enquiries. 


As a HKUST alumnus, you are provided with a lifelong alumni email account

If you have already got an @connect account before graduation, it will become your alumni email account. This account will give you access to:

On-Campus Facilities 

Web-based Applications

  • provides access to web-based applications including Exchange Online, Office Web Apps and OneDrive for Business. Please check out the details here.

Alum eCard

Forget / Reset Alumni Email Password

Unique Email Alias

  • allows you to decide your own unique email alias (for example,

Update Online Profile

  • allows you to view and update your online profile easily

If you haven't activated your alumni account nor accessed your alumni mailbox after graduation, with a few simple clicks, you can have your account ready in a few minutes!

If you are a non-degree graduate of a short-term executive course, a former exchange-in student, or a visiting scholar, you are not eligible for a lifetime alumni email account.


Here are some scenarios that may be hindering the activation.

Scenario 1: You know the username but you forgot your password

Click​ to reset password.

Scenario 2: After attempting to reset the password, the system states the information is incorrect.

This may occur if you haven’t activated/used the alumni login previously.  Please click the “New User” button:

Scenario 3: After filling the form for “New User”, the system states the information is incorrect.

It may occur if some of the personal information you have filled in is incorrect, especially when your current HKID/Passport number does not match your old record at the time you were admitted to HKUST. 

To update your info, please email with the following information: 
 Full name, including middle name, as it appears on your HKID card or passport

• Degree and year of graduation

Passport number as informed to Academic Registry Office (ARO) at the time you were admitted to HKUST (some countries allocate new numbers when passports are renewed). 

  A copy of your current HKID/passport for verification




The following may be hindering the activation:

  1. Your input details do not match with those of our database. You need to input your:
    • Full name, including middle name, as it appears on your HKID card or passport
    • Passport number as informed to Academic Registry Office (ARO) at the time you were admitted to HKUST (some countries allocate new numbers when passports are renewed) .
    • To update your info, please email with the information listed above and below:
    • Degree and year of graduation
    • A copy of your current HKID/passport for verification
  2. If you are a non-degree graduate of a short-term executive course, or former exchange-in student, you are not eligible to an alumni email account. 

1. Login here. You will be directed to this page. Click “free alumni email alias”.

2. Follow the instructions to set and choose your sender email address.

3. This alumni email alias will share the same mailbox as @connect on Office 365 that you are presently using.


Alumni who activated before March 2014:

Login with your @alumni account  (e.g., NOT email alias (e.g.

Alumni who activated after March 2014:

Login with your @connect account

Please be reminded that you can still enjoy free WiFi service and get access to library servers using your student login before your student identity expires.

The University upgraded the alumni services to Microsoft Office 365 in March 2014. Alumni who activated @alumni account before that should follow some simple steps to authenticate once. 

Please login here first. You will be directed to this interface where you can check out your profile and update personal details.

Email & Office 365 Related

Please note that this function is only available on desktop version.


1. Login to your mailbox on Office 365 


2. At the top of the page, choose Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud> View All Outlook Settings 

3. Choose Mail> Forwarding

4. Check "Enable forwarding", and enter or change the email address you want, and then select "Save".



Click here for more details

You have probably set email forwarding for your account. To cancel the forwarding function, please follow the following steps:

1. Login to your mailbox on Office 365

2. At the top of the page, select

3. Select Stop forwarding and then select Save

Click here for more details

Outlook 2013/2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac provide the best functionality when accessing Office 365. In addition to these desktop services, the web service for Office 365, Office Web App, is also recommended.


Other services, such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail/Calendar, and previous versions of Outlook, function in use with Office 365 but each has uniquely limited functionality and features.


For further details, please visit ITSC's Q&A.

For the smoothest user experience in Office 365, it is recommended to use the following versions of web browsers:

  • IE 9 or above
  • Latest Firefox "release" version
  • Latest Chrome "stable" version
  • Latest Safari version

Microsoft's list of absolute minimum browser requirements can be found on Microsoft's page.


Common browsers and their recommended versions:

  • Internet Explorer - IE 10 or above

- Support for Internet Explorer 8 will end in early 2014. For more information, please see Microsoft's Office 365 and IE 8 support document

  • Firefox and Chrome - latest "release" version

- Latest releases can be found at Firefox's homepage or Chrome's homepage respectively

- Minimum requirement: Firefox 12/Chrome 18

  • Safari latest version

- Safari's webpage can be found at:

- To update your version of Safari, perform a Software Update on your Mac operating system

- Minimum requirement: Safari 5 or above

For further details, please visit ITSC's Q&A.

The following describes some ways you can connect to your email account.


  • Mobile phones and tablets

Office 365 also works with a variety of mobile phones and tablets. You can set up your mobile phone or device to access your email, calendar information, contacts, and tasks. e.g. OWA for iPad, OWA for iPhone, etc. 


  • Phone and tablet setup reference
  • Please select the account type Microsoft Exchange or Corporate when adding your new @Connect account to your mobile devices depending on which brand of mobile device you are using. Some mobile device will ask you for the server name, just put the following: 
  • Domain\Username: your email address e.g. (username not alias and only for those activated before 18 March 2014) /
  • Server:
  • For example, below is a sample screen of an Android device after you selected an Exchange Corporate account:
  • Web browser

Outlook Web App (OWA) lets you use a Web browser to access your mailbox from any computer that has an Internet connection. You can use it to read and send email messages, organize contacts, create tasks, and manage your calendar. You can use Outlook Web App with almost any Web browser. 


This includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, and most other Web browsers on computers running UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or Windows. See this link for a list of supported versions.


  • Desktop

It is the recommended to access Office 365 using your desktop Microsoft Outlook application. Configure your email client on your computer according to the instruction from Microsoft:  

Email program setup reference (Please click for more details)

When asked for your email address, enter your Network ID followed by @alumni (username not alias and only for those activated before 18 March 2014) or @connect. 
 If you are using Outlook, it is best for you to create a new profile (under Mail of the Control Panel) for your @alumni or @connect account 

 For traditional IMAP/SMTP or POP/SMTP connection (does not support the new features e.g. Calendar, Contacts), below are the server settings for your reference:

IMAP setting
 Server name:
 Port: 993
 Encryption method: SSL

SMTP setting
 Server name:
 Port: 587
 Encryption method: TLS

POP setting
 Server name:
 Port: 995
 Encryption method: SSL

After Academic Registry Office (ARO) has confirmed your graduation, you will receive an email from Information Technology Services Center (ITSC) informing you on the termination of your or email address. After termination, this email address will become invalid. 

If you have already got @connect account before the above mentioned termination date, this @connect account can continue to be used lifelong. Your emails resided with student email account will be migrated to Office 365. Otherwise, your emails resided with student email account will NOT be migrated to Office 365. You are reminded to back up any necessary files in your or before the termination date.

As an alumnus/alumna, you will be provided with access to many web based applications including: 


  • Exchange Online

50 GB storage for email, shared calendars and continued use of your email address even after you have completed your studies at HKUST.

  • Office Web Apps

Capability to create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files via a web browser (even after completed studies at HKUST).

  • OneDrive for Business

Effective from February 1, 2024, 100GB personal storage can be accessed anywhere. Easy to share files internally and externally and control over who sees and edits them (even after completed studies at HKUST).

Please login your profile. Choose “alumni id & email alias” under “Additional Information). Follow the instruction and you will be able to choose your preferred sender email address.


If you still cannot activate the account, please write to or WhatsApp us.