Have a Dream? Make it Real!

Inspired by the successes of your fellow HKUST alumni entrepreneurs? Thinking of being your own boss and launching a new business, or buying an ongoing one? Take a step closer to achieving your dream by checking out the events and resources below.


HKUST Resources

HKUST Entrepreneurship Centre

The HKUST Entrepreneurship Centre provides a wealth of resources to nurture and support alumni, student, faculty and staff entrepreneurs in building up their own business. It runs the Dream Builder Program, which equips the community to make big dreams and build them by supporting them with knowledge acquisition, ideation, prototyping and commercialization; as well as the HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition, which provides a platform for HKUST and surrounding community members with an integrative learning experience to create and evaluate new business and to prepare students to start their future career in entrepreneurship.

It also operates the BASE, an entrepreurship space on campus with meeting rooms available for booking (free of charge).

HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund (E-Fund)

Aligning with HKUST's Knowledge Transfer Mission and with a view to strengthening the promotion of entrepreneurship spirit among HKUST stakeholders leading to social and economic impact, the HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund ("E-Fund"), with an initial fund size of HK$50M committed by HKUST, is established for the benefit of promising HKUST technology start-up companies. Find out more here.

HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) 

Thanks to the generous donation of our alumnus Alvin Lam, the HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) has set up the Student Start-up Grants to help current students kick start their businesses.

HKUST R and D Corporation Limited (RDC)

The HKUST R and D Corporation offers the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program which was introduced in 1999 to assist faculty, staff, students and alumni in their entrepreneurial endeavors to start up companies. The program offers an incubation period with a package of services to the startup companies accepted into the program. Applications to the program are invited on an on-going basis. Application details are available here


Other Programs


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