From weddings to businesses, babies and more, HKUST alumni always know how to keep the good times rolling. Here are some of the things your fellow alumni have been up to. We also want to see your stories, so remember to share your photos and updates with us via this QR code.

Bennet Tsui, Peter Yeung & Matthew Tang
2007 BBA Mark & IS | 2008 BEng COMP | 2006 BEng ELEC

Thanks to the excellent teamwork, collaboration and communication among teammates, our sailing team has won the Overall Championship of HKPN A Class in the 2023 China Cup International Regatta.

If you would like to start your sailing journey, or you are already a sailing enthusiast, you are more than welcome to join us! Please contact Matthew at See you on our sailboat!

Chloe Wong & Kidd Heung
2016 BSc MATH | 2016 BEng CIVL

We were married on December 4, 2022, and are so grateful for all the warm wishes, and generous gifts. Looking forward to our wonderful future together and creating valuable memories. Here’s to happy ever after!

Chris Cheung
It’s our 5th anniversary and we decided to get married, which was an amazing blessing. It’s been a great year – I was also promoted to Senior Officer after my first year at CDBHK. In my company music contest, I was the drummer in the team, and we got the second place!

Christina Kys
I was featured in the Global Employee Stories for Standard Chartered Bank. What an honor to be able to share my career journey in banking and as a singer-songwriter.

Jeff Hu
2018 BEng COMP
I am very proud to share with you that my 4-year-old startup, Turing Space, has branched into the US, EU, and Japan. Turing is now serving more than 380 entities including governments and enterprises to make their documents and credentials verifiable on blockchain. I was lucky to receive recognition from Tatler as a “Gen.T” awardee and spoke at United Nations Social Forum 2023 as a dialogue speaker.

Kwok Pong Lee
2006 BSc CHEM | 2008 MSc EVSC
My daughter Bonnie is three and a half and has started kindergarten, while my son Chad is already 2 years old. Adding to the joy, I started my Doctorate Degree journey in Engineering Management at CityU.

Kobe Yung
2016 BEng CIVL | 2018 MPhil CIVL
I am honored to receive the Research Poster Delegates’ Choice Award at the CENSIS (Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems) Tech Summit 2023, competing with other shortlisted 27 talented University researchers from Scotland UK. My research poster titled “Digital twin modelling of floating offshore wind turbine with fully coupled aero-hydrodynamic simulation” revealed part of my PhD work.

Constantine Spandagos
2017 PhD CIVL
I am honored to have joined the University of New Hampshire in the United States as an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Energy Policy. My students and I will be exploring ways to develop a just and equitable energy transition in Asia, Europe, and North America. We include low-income, marginalized, and vulnerable households and communities among our targets.

Joanne Wong
I successfully obtained the Triple Award Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from UCAM University, VERN University, and Brittany University. I graduated on November 5, 2023, which was a moment of great joy and celebration.

Shihui Tu & Naveen Jesly Fernandez
2021 MBA | 2023 MBA
We are delighted to announce that on October 14, 2023 we officially tied the knot. We had a beautiful ceremony at the St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong. We share a passion for travel, hiking and cultural exchange, and we look forward to starting our new life together. Some of our university MBA friends attended our wedding, and it was great to catch up with them after so long.