We are absolutely delighted to introduce the new Convocation Standing Committee for 2023 to 2025.

Please give a warm welcome to our new Convocation Committee

A debt of gratitude

The new committee would first and foremost like to give their utmost thanks to the Immediate Past Chairman, Stanley Choi, for his outstanding work and exceptional contributions to the development of student social innovation initiatives during his four-year tenure. Stanley has been instrumental in creating a supportive environment for students to pursue their social innovation endeavors and making a positive impact on their communities.

Leadership links to the Alma Mater

Creating strong links between our alumni and their alma mater is a key mission. To this end, newly elected Convocation Chairman Terry Tsang has been actively involved in the Convocation Standing Committee since 2019. With brother and fellow committee member Terence Tsang, they have been making significant donations to the Alumni Endowment Fund. During his time as Chairman, Terry will work closely with other committee members to offer help and advice to HKUST, promote good relations between the University and the general public, contribute to fundraising efforts, and support HKUST’s strategic goals.

Let’s join forces

You can help us by partnering with us and building a strong community together. With the Alumni Endowment Fund in place, we have a key financial resource to support student-focused initiatives and programs. Please join us to make a stronger community and further raise the profile of our University!

New Convocation Chairman Terry Tsang (left) thanks immediate Past Chairman Stanley Choi for his dedication and hard work over the years.