Dear Alumni,

It is with great pride that we enter a new era for HKUST, with the pandemic behind us and our dual campus system running smoothly. What an apt moment to welcome all the members of the new Convocation Standing Committee. A warm congratulations to Terry Tsang, who succeeds Stanley Choi as our new HKUST Convocation Chairman. We wish Terry the very best in this important mission to spread goodwill among the various communities of the University.

Among our many successful initiatives at HKUST is the development of a strong entrepreneurial culture. We have so many wonderful case studies within our community. In this edition’s cover story, you will meet three alumni who exemplify the values of successful entrepreneurs, and whose companies are making waves in the global tech scene. Smartmore’s Jiaya Jia, Lydia Leung, the co-founder of Belun, and Bianca Ho from Wati, are proof of what one can achieve when you dream big and aim high.

HKUST has an abundance of candidates vying to be the next tech superstar. To help them achieve their dreams, we are dedicated to providing exceptional entrepreneurial education and support. Events such as the Entrepreneur Reception at the Science Park and the HKUST Unicorn Day enable our entrepreneurial community to exchange ideas and collaborate to take their innovative ideas to new heights. It is little wonder that HKUST recently swept 20 awards at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland. We will continue to provide a robust platform to nurture innovative minds and launch promising ventures.

On its first anniversary this September, HKUST (Guangzhou) will commence undergraduate enrollment. We look forward to welcoming a new generation of students and future alumni. Indeed, our alumni network has grown considerably over the past three decades, even expanding across the globe. It is heartening to see an increasing number of in-person alumni gatherings being organized by enthusiastic alumni groups all around the world. I truly appreciate your HKUST spirit and devotion to the University. Your passion, commitment, and contributions play a vital role in enhancing HKUST’s global reputation and impact. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Nancy Ip