One of the many ways that COVID-19 has impacted our lives and those of our students is in relation to the job market. It is harder than ever for students and fresh graduates to find internships and jobs with many feeling increasingly frustrated in light of the global economic downturn.

United We Stand

By leveraging our strong and supportive alumni network we want to inspire positivity, so we have launched HKUST United, which aims to help students and fresh graduates kickstart their careers by connecting them with alumni who can offer everything from career advice to startup support and even internship and job opportunities. Many of our alumni perserved through SARS and the 2008 financial crisis and have gone on to thrive in their respective careers. Through HKUST United, we hope they will be able to encourage students and provide useful guidance for finding opportunity in the face of adversity.

Alumni Involvement

In May, we reached out to our alumni to see how you could support our students, whether through mentorship, by sharing resources, or by providing advice and industry insights. The response was overwhelming. We are currently hard at work pairing up alumni with students and fresh graduates and following up with participants to see how they have got on so that we can work on additional initiatives.

Registrations for HKUST United are closed for now, but there are still ways that alumni can get involved. Please let us know if you have jobs or internships available at your company, and tell your friends that they can also recruit directly from HKUST.

To get in touch and share any opportunities, email

The HKUST Alumni and Career Center’s job boards are regularly updated with a diverse range of job and internship opportunities suited to HKUST students and graduates, so make sure to monitor them closely.

A Big Thank You for Your Support
How We Have Helped
Quotes from students


“Thank you so much for organizing this program to kindly render assistance to this year’s graduates, especially during this difficult time.”


“I can’t thank you enough for this introduction…especially in these challenging times, putting me in touch with alumni is a very helpful gesture.”

Quotes from alumni


“Thanks for connecting us! So glad to help out with the program…always happy to help out a fellow UST-er.”


“I am more than happy that I could do something to help our younger alumni’s professional development.”

A Little Inspiration
The Alumni Kaleidoscope section on our website showcases some of our creative and influential alumni who have made the most of their skills, qualifications and opportunities. Take a look to learn about the alumni who have graduated from HKUST’s various Schools over the years and the experiences they have had on their journeys to the top.