It has never been easier to support the next generation of students at HKUST. The Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF), which launched in 2012, is the first-ever endowment fund to receive donations predominantly from alumni. These donations are used to support a variety of high-priority initiatives.

To date more than HK$48,000,000 has been raised for AEF, with almost half of that figure collected in the last year alone. Additionally, alumni have also made donations to a range of other specific initiatives and University developments, from campus infrastructure projects, such as student hostels and sports facilities, to internship programs. This represents overwhelming support from our alumni whose donations are allowing our students to live their university lives to the fullest through the provision of a holistic learning environment.

Make a Difference

Alumni are our most valuable stakeholders and make a huge impact on the University. Every dollar you donate is gratefully appreciated by everyone. We rely on you to ensure the University continues to nurture the younger generations who will go on to contribute towards the betterment of society.

Alumni donations — at any level — are greatly appreciated by everyone at HKUST, and especially by the students who benefit from your generosity the most. In appreciation of your support, the University recognizes your contributions through different naming opportunities in accordance with the accumulated donations.