Make your mark on campus

Entrepreneurship has always been a top priority at HKUST. We want to do everything we can to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit on campus and beyond, so more students and alumni can make their ideas a reality. Here are a few ways alumni entrepreneurs like you can get the support, funding, guidance, and inspiration you need to see your venture succeed. We believe in you!

Full Circle @ HKUST

Take your next step where it all began.

To keep our entrepreneur community active and vibrant, we regularly invite alumni to showcase their businesses on campus for the benefit of the HKUST community. Not only is this a great promotional opportunity for entrepreneurs, it also helps inspire students to start their own ventures in future.

So far, 24 alumni businesses have participated in Full Circle @ HKUST, which was launched by the Development and Alumni Office in 2019. At our most recent event, the University’s first ever Alumni Market, entrepreneurs presented their creative products and services on campus for the community, who were impressed by the wide variety on display, including specialty coffee products, healthy soups, personal care products, an app with personal chefs for hire, and much more.

Contact us to get involved!

Full Circle @ HKUST

Entrepreneur Circle

The HKUST Alumni Association’s Entrepreneur Circle connects alumni start-ups with experienced mentors, professional resources, and investment opportunities to help them grow. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a supportive community, sign up today!


The HKUST Entrepreneurship Center runs various activities and funds with the aim of cultivating a risk-taking, value-creation mindset in students.

One of its key initiatives is the annual One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition, which now runs in seven regions: Hong Kong, Beijing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen, and Zhongshan. The competition evaluates new business plans created by students, alumni, faculty, and staff teams, and awards winners with seed money to fund and further their own ventures.

If you'd like to enter or support the competition, scan the QR code to find out how.

Transfer Center

The HKUST Technology Transfer Center (TTC) serves as a bridge between the University's research community and the business sector. Recently, it set up an HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund (E-Fund) to support the development of HKUST start-ups in early stages. The E-Fund has an initial HK$50 million committed and is projected to continue investing in HKUST start-ups for the next five years at least.

Eligible entrepreneurs are welcome to contact the TTC for more information.

Start-up Grants

Starting a business is never easy. Even though many people dream of making their ideas a reality, very few take the risk. That's why the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) offers Student Start-up Grants. With guidance, encouragement, and financial support, more students can take that first step towards fulfilling their aspirations.

If you’re keen to support the leaders of tomorrow, you are welcome to donate any amount, large or small. Every dollar counts.