Giving students a head start

At HKUST, we believe that giving students early business experience is an invaluable way to boost their career prospects. And the HeadStart@HKUST (HeadStart) program does just that. By connecting our first- and second-year undergraduate students with reputable organizations for internships and mentoring, we can equip them to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

The success of this program has been due, in a large part, to the enthusiastic partnership of alumni entrepreneurs like BBA Marketing alumna Fanny Suen, founder of the innovative personal chef platform MobiChef. This year, we talk to her intern Joanne Ma, a second-year marketing student who worked at MobiChef this summer and has continued participating in ad hoc company projects since then.

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What did the
internship involve?

As a foodie, I really enjoyed working at MobiChef. It’s an online platform that connects diners with professional chefs for gourmet meals at home. During the internship, I participated in all the company’s marketing activities: I wrote blogs, translated menus, did photoshoots, and produced videos. This gave me well-rounded experience in creating engaging marketing content.

The best part was, I had a lot of creative freedom. I could choose what topics to write about and how to film and edit the videos – and it was so exciting to see my work published! There were steep learning curves, too. I quickly learned how important it is to pay attention to small details when planning a shoot, so everything runs smoothly on the day. I also learned to communicate regularly to ensure both the chef and the marketing team were happy with the recipes and storyboards for each video.

What did you gain
from the HeadStart

This invaluable program has equipped me with hard and soft skills that couldn’t be gained elsewhere. I was able to apply marketing techniques to real-world situations, use video equipment and photography software, and gain insights into the world of professional filming. I also got to experience what it takes to organize a project successfully and work together as a team. Communication really is key! All of this will help get my career off to a good start.

I’m not sure what I want to do after graduation yet, but thanks to the HeadStart program, I can make a more informed choice. In fact, I think I’d like to work in the food and beverage industry because I love sharing the joy of delicious food with others!

What was it like
working with an
HKUST alumna?

Fanny is very friendly and patient. She was always happy to give me advice and help whenever I needed it. She also trusted me to handle my own work and contribute creative ideas. During my time there, I saw that building a start-up is not easy – it takes skills, knowledge, leadership, devotion, and enthusiasm. Still, my colleagues were always nice and welcoming. And Fanny’s adorable pug Puzzle would often visit the office and make us all laugh! MobiChef is a warm and fun family.

After only two years at HKUST, I can already see that the alumni community has a lot of innovative young entrepreneurs who are keen to encourage us students in pursuing our dreams. I’m very grateful for their support!