Keep up with your classmates’ news

Time goes by so quickly. One day you’re enjoying a carefree life on campus with your friends, and the next you’re juggling a career with family responsibilities, wondering how you got here! Here, we bring you updates from your former classmates scattered far and wide, so you can find out what they’re up to and how they’ve changed.


Conrad Lok


Hannah and I started a new chapter of our lives together as husband and wife on September 16, 2019. It’s never too late for true love – it’s all about faith, trust, and hope!

Roy Yim

2004 BSc CHEM

Ching Man and I tied the knot in 2014 and we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in March 2019. Ching Man was based in Guangzhou before but has been living and working in Hong Kong since 2018. We both love it here and we love HKUST!


Lell Luk

2002 BSc BIOL

We’re all excited to welcome a new addition to our family, Aki, who was born in June! Hanz is thrilled to be a big brother now, and in November, we went to Tokyo for our first family trip.

Career achievements

Michael Huen

2000 BSc BICH

2002 MPhil BICH

I’m truly honored to take on my new role as professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. I look forward to contributing to quality education and research in Hong Kong.

Anthony Wan & Albert Wong

1997 BBA ACCT-FA | 2005 BBA IS

We both work at King & Wood Mallesons: Anthony as partner and Albert as a senior associate. And we share similar backgrounds, having both begun our careers in auditing at one of the big four accounting firms, then advancing to become corporate finance lawyers in Hong Kong. We’re now experienced law practitioners, responsible for corporate matters such as IPO listings, mergers and acquisitions, and listing rules.

Larry Lam


After working at large corporations including PwC, HKEx, ICAC, and Morgan Stanley for more than 10 years, I decided to started my own venture, KaChick. We connect photographers and videographers with corporates and travelers all around the world. Currently, we have over 2,000 visual creatives in our community and our clients include Cathay Pacific, Cyberport, Grand Hyatt, KKDay, and more.

Dennis Tang

1998 MPhil MECH

I recently released a new book, “Invest, Work & Live in China”, co-authored with Ms. Camille Hui. This book serves as a guide for foreigners expanding their businesses to Mainland China, helping them navigate obstacles and understand the country’s legal system and judicial practices. In it, I share my near 20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer working with the senior management of foreign-invested enterprises in Mainland China.

Ghost Chan

2012 BEng COMP

As one half of Ghost and John, a Hong Kong contemporary art duo based in London, I was delighted to present our recent multimedia ensemble work "Meniscus". This was a cross-continental collaboration of 26 artists who gathered to create an immersive event as an outcry of urgency towards the social, environmental, and political instability of our times. Since we are both from computer science and biology backgrounds, our works span a wide range of topics, from algorithms to symbiosis.