Dear Alumni,

It’s my great honor and privilege to serve as the 5th president of HKUST. Many of you may already know me from my previous roles as Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Dean of Science and Vice-President for Research and Development, and I must say it’s been an absolute pleasure to have been part of our HKUST family for so many years.

Since taking up the presidency in mid-October, I have had several opportunities to meet with alumni from a wide array of backgrounds such as during the HKUST Alumni Association Annual Dinner. What I see is: talent, versatility, and above all, a deep commitment, and relentless support to their alma mater.

When I think back to 1993, the year I joined HKUST, the graduating class was tiny. In stark contrast, we conferred a total of 6,043 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees during the congregation in 2022. Now, HKUST ranks among the top universities globally and our alumni community has expanded to over 93,000. I will need to learn new ways to remember names, there are ever more of us!

HKUST’s worldwide recognition earned in such a short period of time would not have been possible without our alumni. So thank you for giving back to us, and offering so much to HKUST, from mentoring our students and offering invaluable career advice to donating to the Alumni Endowment Fund to help needy students and supporting HKUST’s wide range of initiatives.

I would also like to welcome the Class of 2022 to our alumni community. Graduation is a time to step out into the world, but don’t forget to also stay connected and engaged to us. In this edition, you can read about how members of our vibrant alumni community remain involved, such as Roger King, a family business expert, and Derrick Pang, who has taken his family businesses forward with modern initiatives. We also have a very special student story featuring Hong Kong table tennis star and HKUST freshman Minnie Soo.

In closing, I wish you a wonderful New Year. I can’t wait to see you all in person soon.

Nancy Ip