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Jeffrey Lee & Alice Sin
2017 BEng comp & 2017 BEng comp | 2019 MPhil CSE
In 2012, we met at HKUST. Finally, we got married in September 2022 after three years’ long-distance relationship. Joy!

Cherry Suen & Chan Wing Tat
2013 BEng CIVL & 2014 BEng CIVL
We welcomed the birth of our baby boy Ethan in March 2022. Cute!

Smile Wong
2017 BSc BISC
I have been trained as a physiotherapist and recently joined a new clinic, Humaneo Sports Rehabilitation and Integrated Therapy Centre, in Tsim Sha Tsui. Come say hi!

Mabel Cheng
2017 BBA Mark & MGMT
As a compliance expert with Bulge Bracket Investment Banks, I have recently published a book 《打破思想籠牢的懷疑人生法則》that shares my transformational career development. I want to inspire people to utilize their potential, realize dreams and find happiness. (Pen Name: 麥蘭蒂斯 )

Gogo Cheng
2006 BBA Mark
After 18 years of establishing successful Customer Loyalty Programs for renowned luxury brands, I recently launched Gogo Cheng Consulting Limited – an international customer loyalty and luxury consultancy.