Dear Alumni,

It’s been a delightful period celebrating the University’s 30th anniversary with a range of amazing events that have been uplifting for all. These activities will end on a high note with the opening of HKUST (Guangzhou) in September 2022.

Under the “Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses” framework, our two campuses will be aligned in standards, faculty, and program quality. This consistency will be crucial in making synergy through shared resources, and the balance of strengths on both sides of the boundary.

We are also delighted to see classes for the Fall 2022 semester resuming face-to-face. I look forward to witnessing a bustling campus again in September, and seeing students rushing around with renewed vigor and energy. Graduates in Hong Kong can get a piece of the action at the Alumni Fun Day on September 17, 2022, and see how we have developed with iconic landmarks including the Shaw Auditorium and the Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower.

Indeed, alumni remain the lynchpin of our success. We thank Terry and Terence Tsang for their HK$10m donation to HKUST to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and continue to see the strength and dedication of our alumni community on a daily basis. For this issue’s feature story, we meet three alumni entrepreneurs who exemplify the talent, intrepidness, and ingenuity of our community. Importantly, we look into how they weathered the pandemic with adaptability and elan.

I will be leaving HKUST soon. It has been an incredible honor for me to serve HKUST for 12 years and I will indeed miss you all greatly. If we have the chance to meet in the future, please let me know you are HKUST alumni as we will certainly be friends forever. Please remember, no matter where you walk in life, you will always be welcome on campus. This is your home, come back with pride, happiness, in the spirit of advancement and truthfulness. I trust HKUST to march forward and prosper regardless of the weather.

Yours sincerely,
Wei Shyy