Alumni talent shines bright and shows off our capabilities.

The HKUST alumni body is packed with talents, and we want the world to know it! Alumni Profiles on our website shows just how talented and versatile our alumni body is. We are often gratified to see how our graduates go out into the world and make it their own, fulfilling their own ambitions, dreams and life goals.

To highlight the achievements we witness on a daily basis, Alumni Profiles showcase our talented, creative and versatile alumni, who make the most of themselves and the opportunities they have been given. We are proud to have nurtured so many graduates who display their distinguished qualities in diverse fields. Not only are they alumni, but they are also key stakeholders of our University, who shape its character and success.

So have a look at these stories, you may find them fascinating and inspiring. They highlight the different schools, programs and eras of HKUST, now all across the globe, changing the world. Who knows? You might be the next person in the spotlight, shining the spirit of HKUST far and wide.