Life is full of excitement for these HKUST graduates. Find out more about their news and happiness! We want to hear all about you, so remember to share your photos and updates with us via the QR code.

Winnie Lam & Ryan Wong
So happy to be together! We have entered a new chapter in our lives! It all started at HKUST, which brought us together when we first met on the campus in 2009. We just tied the knot on December 5, 2021.

Grace Xu & Patrick Chau
2016 MSc EHS | 2016 BBA FINA
Good things come from surprising places! Our paths came together in 2015 when we joined voluntary services in Cambodia. Five years after that, we finally tied the knot!

Chaudhry Muhammad Furqan
2021 MPhil ECE
What times we are living in! I am pleased to share with you that Abeera Fatima and I have had our wedding online. I am working in Hong Kong and due to the pandemic, I could not go back to Pakistan. It was fun though!

Charles Guo
2012 MSc MECH
We are delighted to share that we have had a traditional Chinese wedding in 2021, lucky that the pandemic did not stop us.

Kee Wong
2012 BEng ELEC
A bundle of joy has arrived! We are excited to welcome baby Kyra to our family.

Exodus Sit
2020 BSc MATH
Soaring to the Moon! I have recently published my new book 《星空解碼:從天文觀測到星野攝影》 to promote popular science through science communication, starting from astronomical observation to astrophotography.

Karan Ko
2014 BBA OM & MARK
This is a professional highlight: I am honored to be named in the Influencer Awards 2021 for Hong Kong Living. I founded K.Kommunications in 2018 to give a voice to smaller businesses across the city.

Ben Zheng
2011 MBA Shenzhen
In 2017, I established my startup Lucky Tone, specializing in designing and manufacturing of commercial and professional audio systems, with several angel investors. In 2020, I have got second round of strategic investment from Temeisheng, a leading loudspeaker manufacturer in China.

Stephen Fung
2004 BSc PHYS
To contribute more to the field of STEM education, I wrote a STEM book 《STEM能力大提升》 delivering STEM knowledge to primary school students.

Samina Seth
MBA 1996
I’m entering the exciting world of startups after a 15 plus year international banking career! I have co-founded Walee (, Pakistan's largest and fastest growing influencer marketing and social commerce platform.