About the Membership

One of the many ways that COVID-19 has impacted our lives and those of our students is in relation to the job market. To help students and fresh graduates kickstart their careers in light of the global economic downturn, we have launched HKUST United in early 2020 which seeks to leverage our alumni network to benefit students, fresh graduates and our alumni by connecting them with alumni who can offer everything from career advice to startup support and even internship and job opportunities. Thanks to their great support, HKUST United has received tremendous response since its launch.  

HKUST is blessed to have such a strong, enthusiastic alumni community who has been giving their ongoing support to the University and its students throughout the years. Not only have our alumni continuously shone in diverse fields, but they have also defined the success of their alma mater which has been soaring impressively into a world-class university in just three decades. 

The HKUST United Membership is established to acknowledge and bring together our alumni who have made contributions, whether monetary or non-monetary, to the University and helped to provide a holistic learning environment for students. Its creation is of particular significance while the University marks its 30th anniversary – an important milestone in its history!

Support us now! Given our alumni’s long-term bonds and concerted efforts, we are sure HKUST will scale greater heights before long. 

If you have any questions about the HKUST United Membership, please contact the Development and Alumni Office:

Email: alumni@ust.hk

Tel: (852)2358 6158



Membership Structure & Recognition

To Alumni donors who have made accumulative donations of HK$20,000 or above and those who have made non-monetary contributions will automatically become our President Circle, Honoarary Patron, Senior Patron, Alumni Patron or Alumni Member. They will be entitled to unique offers and/or exclusive invitations to special events of the University.

To knowledge the support of our students, student ambassadors or participants of designated alumni programs since 2020 will be recognized as our Student Members.​


President Circle

Cumulative donation(s) of HK$1,000,000 or above

Honorary Patron

Cumulative donation(s) of HK$500,000 or above

Senior Patron

Cumulative donation(s) HK$100,000 or above

Alumni Patron

Cumulative donation(s) of HK$20,000 or above

Alumni Member

All who have made non-monetary contributions since 2020

Student Member

Student ambassadors or participants of designated alumni programs since 2020


The above Patrons and Members will be acknowledged in communication channels including publications and website of Development and Alumni Office.

How to Become Members

President Circle and Patrons  

Donate to the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF), our first-ever endowment fund to receive donations mainly from alumni. With its principle maintained in perpetuity and only the income from investments is used, AEF has provided a reliable and continuous source of funding to support a variety of initiatives of the highest priority to enrich student’s university life and make lifelong impact on them. Since its creation in 2012, the fund has grown significantly and has been benefitting numerous students.

Please click here for more details about making donations to HKUST.

Alumni and Student Members

Alumni who have shown their support voluntarily to the University via alumni initiatives including HKUST United, Alumni Anchors, Full Circle, Alumni Profiles, Alumni News Magazine, Alumni App Offers, Relocation Program, Co-op Program, Alumni Reunion Volunteers, Alumni Group Committees etc. will become our alumni members.

Students who have participated in our alumni programs or served as a student ambassadors will be enlisted as student members.

We look forward to having you in our member list very soon!


List of HKUST United Members

Please click here for the list of Members who have been showing their continued support to us.