HKUST Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter

HKUST Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter aims at uniting alumni, serving alumni and strengthening the communication among alumni in Shanghai and between the alumni and the University.

Established in 2013, Shanghai Chapter has gradually formed a steady operation model and developed into one of the most vigorous local alumni associations worldwide of HKUST. In the past several years, Shanghai Chapter successfully organized various activities including Jazz Master Concert, Christmas Party, Sino-HK Economy Forum, Annual Spring Reception Dinner, Outstanding Alumni Sharing series seminars and commonweal activities. The interest groups also played active roles in the community e.g. the Sports Club won the Group and Individual Champion in the HK joint school table tennis competition and the Men Championship in the Badminton competition, and the Music Club produced the song “Clearwater Bay” celebrating the 25th anniversary of HKUST.

The 3rd Shanghai Chapter Committee was newly selected in Jan 2018 and made of the following members:

Member of Executive Committee (2018-2020)



James, Yuze Han

Executive Vice President

Laurence, Yuanzhi Lao

Executive Vice President

Steve, Kwok On Lam

Vice President (Liaison)

Tony, Kwing Hang Chan

Vice President (EMBA)

Lisa, Lusha Zheng

Vice President (MBA)

Tracy, Sha Liu

Vice President (MBA)

Crystal, Ping Feng

Vice President (UG & PG)

William, Wang Jiang

Vice President (UG & PG) / Treasurer

Spencer, Wenjing Wang


The Committee also Invited the Founding President Benjamin, Hak Fung Chiao to be the Honorary President. The Committee will absorb the accumulated experience, depend on the power of over 1000 alumni and be devoted to serving the alumni and integrating the alumni resources.

The participation and sharing of alumni is very key to the development of the Alumni Association. It’s highly expected to have more and more alumni actively participate in the activities and contribute to our Alma Mater in the future.    

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