We HKUST Alumni Network in Japan operates under the principles of mutual respect and benefit, equality, and peaceful coexistence among its members from diverse backgrounds.

The purpose of this network is to build and strengthen the network of HKUST alumni in Japan, promote professional development, support the university, facilitate social and cultural exchange, and provide career opportunities, which is achieved through organizing events, workshops, and other activities that allow alumni to connect, learn, and engage with Japanese culture and society, as well as promote the university's reputation.

The organization collaborates with alumni, HKUST, Japanese society, and partner universities worldwide to enhance the alumni network in Japan and contribute to the development of the global network.

The first executive committee was set up and formed by the following members:


If you want to join the Network in Japan, please contact the Executive Committee at al_jp@connect.ust.hk 

Also join their Linkedin Group to stay in touch with the Committee: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14149306/