HKUST Alumni Association Guangzhou Chapter

The mission of the Guangzhou Chapter is to connect HKUST alumni in Guangzhou, create a platform to share expertise and experience, and promote the reputation of the alma master. At the same time, it strives to strengthen communication with other alumni organizations in the Pearl River Delta and in other parts of the world.

Set up in 2021, Guangzhou Chapter has gradually developed as one of the most vigorous local alumni associations worldwide of HKUST. Since its establishment, Guangzhou Chapter successfully organized various activities, including jazz concert, Christmas party, hiking and outstanding Alumni sharing series seminars, etc.



Member of Executive Committee (2021-2023)



Yang Teng 

Executive Vice President

Du Dijia

Executive Vice President

Zhang Hao 

Executive Vice President Luo Xin
Executive Vice President Liang Lu
Executive Vice President Zhang Jiaming 


Qiu Jiawen 


Sheng Zhonghua


Feng Qi 


Huang Yuchen


Shen Zhong

Exco-Member  Huo Kaiyang
Exco-Member  Li Yutong


Gu Chengshuai

Exco-Member  Yan Ning
Exco-Member  Ye Xutao


For more information, please follow the Guangzhou Chapter on WeChat: HKUSTersGZ