HKUST Mainland Alumni Association (MAA)


Established in 2012, HKUST Mainland Alumni Association (MAA) has become one of the most supportive alumni groups of HKUST. In the past eight years, an array of activities were organized including  "Clear Water Bay Book Club", "Clear Water Bay Speaker Series", "Clear Water Bay Entrepreneur Forum" (「清水灣讀書會」、「清水灣名人論壇」、「清水灣創業論壇」) , and regular alumni Happy Hour gatherings. MAA is devoted to strengthening the bonds between mainland alumni and the local alumni community, as well as with the University. MAA will continue to build long-lasting relationships with our alumni, connecting them to opportunities and helping them to thrive. At MAA, we believe that how we do is as important as what we do. We want to achieve good results in a way that treats our alumni fairly and helps to strengthen alumni communications and ensure a properly functioning alumni association platform. Our values are central to achieving these aims.

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