Application Process




16 Sep 2021 Attend the Co-op Info Session (Optional)
27 Sep 2021 Attend CV and cover letter workshop hosted by SHSS and Career Center (Optional but strongly suggested)
8 Oct 2021 Apply online to the Co-op program by the extended deadline of 11:59 pm on 8 October 2021 (Friday)

Early Oct 2021

Selection process (shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview)

20 Oct 2021 Attend interview skills workshop hosted by SHSS and Career Center (Optional but strongly suggested)

Co-op Program




Oct-Nov 2021

Attend 2 pre-employment training workshops

(Mandatory for all Co-op students)

Oct-Nov 2021

Apply for co-op jobs

Nov-Dec 2021

Attend interview(s) with potential employers

Dec 2021

Confirm your acceptance of the job offer (if applicable)

Jan 2022

At the start of your work term:

  • Sign the employment contract provided by your employer
  • Attend the workplace orientation conducted by your employer
  • Arrange a meeting with your supervisor to set your S.M.A.R.T. learning objectives
Jan 2022

Work with Co-op program staff to enroll into SHSS 1050 in Winter 2021/2022

(Only students who successfully land a job offer will be enrolled in the co-op course for credit)
Feb 2022 An alum mentor will be assigned to you to help you with your personal / professional development
Feb 2022 Submit your initial report

Mar 2022

Check-in with your alum mentor

Apr 2022

Participate in the site visit conducted by co-op program staff (by phone or in-person)

May 2022

2nd check-in with your alum mentor

Jun 2022

End of work term and submit your final report

Jun / Jul 2022

Submit your online evaluation of your Co-op experience

Jun / Jul 2022

Send a thank you note to your employer and mentor