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The Reality Behind Scientific Discoveries & 
Technological Innovations
Professor Naubahar Sharif, HKUST

From Ideas to Startup 
Professor Dieter Trau,
The National University of Singapore


Virtual World Modeling

Dr. Sai-Kit Yeung, HKUST


CAMPUS Y-TALK@HKUST 2016 - SOCIAL INNOVATION (Co-organized with Y-Talk, China Entrepreneur Network & Nanyang Entrepreneur Foundation)
On 8 November, we partnered with Y-Talk, the China Entrepreneur Network and the Nanyang Entrepreneur Foundation to co-organize a panel discussion on the topic of social innovation. Five speakers from various social initiatives, including three alumni—Cheney Cheng of Teach4HK, Fion Leung of Time Auction, and Bird Tang of VolTra—shared their thoughts on social innovation and their advice on starting and running a social enterprise.
Cheney Cheung, Co-Founder of Teach4HK BBA (GBUS, ECON), HKUST

Fion Leung, Co-Founder of Time Auction BBA (MGTO), HKUST 
Bird Tang, Co-Founder of Voltra BSc (BIOL), HKUST 
Will Man, Co-Founder of Chears BEng (Hons) ELEC, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zachary Lo, Co-Founder of USThing BBA (ISOM), HKUST

Speakers biographies available here.

Avi Bharwaney, Year 2 GBUS Student
Event video: