Get Up to Speed on Alumni Groups!

HKUSTAA is run by a group of enthusiastic alumni on a voluntary basis. Although it is an independent body of HKUST, HKUSTAA works closely with the Development and Alumni Office (DAO) to foster closer relations among alumni through a variety of networking, professional and caring programs.

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All alumni, full-time students and staff members of HKUST are welcome to join HKUSTAA. The types of memberships and respective membership fee are as follows:

Full Member (Life Member)* HK$2,000
Associate Member (Full-time student of HKUST) HK$100
Associate Member (Full-time staff member of HKUST) HK$2,000

Apply for Life Membership on or before 31 December of your year of graduation to enjoy a special membership fee of just HK$1,000!

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DAO welcomes alumni to form alumni associations/groups based on their academic discipline or interest. Presently, there are over 40 alumni associations/groups. Usually, the first step is to bring together a group of interested alumni.
Once your group is established, DAO may offer a email address and/or web hosting under to facilitate communication within the association/group.

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Presently alumni networks have been established in a number of cities/countries around the world. Please view the list of networks .

As our alumni community keeps on expanding, we are in need of your support to tighten the bonds among our alumni in the mainland and overseas. If you are interested in becoming an anchor or forming a network in your neighborhood, please write to us at