Gem Stone Company
We create jewelry that will last a lifetime and more 
Founded by Prerna Agarwal, BBA(IS)


Innovative and interchangeable titanium cufflinks 
Founded by Edmond Ngai, BSc(BICH)


Jadeite Atelier
Modern style jade jewellery
Founded by Eric Yim, MBA

Luxury leather goods, without the luxury markup
Co-founded by Roman Khan, BBA(MGTO)


Handcrafted Leather with Passion 
Founded by Hussain Tahir, MSc(EEM)

Custom-made Shirts At a Click 
Founded by Lewis Yau, BBA(ISMT)

Smart helmet with integrated signaling lights
Co-founded by Jeff Chen, BEng&BBA(MEGBM)

Swim, Learn, Improve
Founded by Cheong Yui Wong, MPhil(ELEC), BEng(ELEC)

Turns your finger into a smartphone
Co-founded by Kevin Wong, MBA; Yan Shun Li, MBA; Marcus Leung-Shea, MBA; Emile Chan, MBA

Emotionally-intelligent speaker
Co-founded by Anik Dey, MPhil(ECE), BEng(ELEC)-EP

Lebath Soap Dispensers
Luxury Foam for You
Founded by Fiona Yu, MSc(EVEM)

Chinese tea - quality natural, and authentically from the origins without the retail markup 
Co-founded by Leo Wong, BBA(MARK); Raymond Sze, BBA(MGTO)


Hands-on Coffee
Founded by Reeves Chung, BEng(CIVL)



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