Teresa Law





Co-Founder and Managing Director

AKOS Advanced Technology Ltd.

Teresa and her husband George are "builders of green intelligence" who found their calling at HKUST.  They formed a company in pursuit of their dream — to improve the quality of life with imagination, innovation and intelligence.

Being a student of the late Professor Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Teresa won't have any hesitation in dreaming big – her supervisor miraculously turned carbon into diamond.  With solid training in their research studies at HKUST, the couple are poised to take challenges with persistence, perseverance and a positive and innovative mindset.  So, even though the path of entrepreneurs is a battle that never ends, they come up with innovative solutions each and every time. 

As the innovators, Teresa and George invented many technologies and owned over 130 worldwide invention patents on smart data management, internet of things (ioT), air purifications, healthcare and environmental monitoring. They developed the world's first indoor environment analyzer, and the world's first machine-to-machine interconnected air purification system, which enables organizations like schools, hotels and elderly homes, as well as individuals to monitor and improve the indoor air quality intelligently.  Their innovations earned them a Technology Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Industries and recognition from the industries.

Currently, Teresa is also serving as the vetting committee member and panel assessor for Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) & a panel member of Better Living (FPL) for Innovation & Technology Fund of ITF, and the Appeal Board Panel member for Town Planning Department, as appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government.